People's Republic of Bangladesh, an independent secular and democratic country, came into being in 1971 with an area of about 144000 sqkm. Dhaka is the capital city. The country is surrounded mostly by India, partly by the Bay of Bengal in the South and Burma in the South East with a population of nearly 150 million.

Bangladesh is riverine, almost plain, with some tiny hills in Eastern and South Eastern parts. Its people are hardy, friendly, simple and loyal in manner.

The Government and non-Government Universities including Medical, Engineering and Agricultural Universities produce Doctors, Engineers and Agriculturists to the standard of the modern day need. A large number of appreciable Technicians are also produced every year. Besides, a large number of unskilled labourers, to cope the need of the present day of the developed and developing countries, are available in Bangladesh.

BENGAL Gulf International (BGI), since its inception, has been operating in the field of promoting the export of manpower resource from Bangladesh for more than the last two decades. Its government approved Overseas Employment Promoter Licence No. is RL-137.

BGI offers all services to arrange recruitment of manpower most conveniently to any part of the world. It is located in the heart of the capital city Dhaka, and is established with experts, to select the right persons and equipped with all modern amenities to respond spontaneously on kind calls of its honorable clients. It has reputedly exported around 15,000 professionals, highly skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower to Kuwaiti, Saudi Arabian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Mauritious and U.A.E employers.

We are confident that our experience, sincerity and dedication will meet the demands of the esteemed employer’s professional, highly skilled, semi skilled and unskilled personnel.

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